Final 2010 Ford Mustang Teaser Reveals Taillights

Teaser photos are ok when an automaker releases one or two right before the actual vehicle is unveiled, but when Ford decided to release ten separate teaser photos of the 2010 Mustang over a series of weeks, it got a little annoying.

Either way here is the last teaser photo which shows the design of the taillights. The 2010 Mustang will officially be unveiled in a week at the LA Auto Show.

Stay tuned…

2010_ford_mustang_seat_teaser.jpg 2010_ford_mustang_shifter_teaser.jpg 2010_ford_mustang_steering_teaser.jpg 2010_mustang_teaser2.jpg 2010_mustang_teaser3.jpg 2010_mustang_teaser4.jpg 2010_mustang_teaser5.jpg 2010_mustang_teaser_fr_side.jpg

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