Toyota has a new focus on electrification thanks to its management, which will see the automaker introduce 10 new electric vehicles by 2026. The new EVs will amount to 1.5 million vehicles of annual sales. Toyota has also confirmed that it’s working on a new three-row electric SUV, which will arrive in the US in 2025. Even with the focus on EVs, Toyota is still working on improving its plug-in hybrid models as well.

2023 Toyota Prius Prime

Executive Vice President Hiroki Nakajima has announced that Toyota is working on a next-generation plug-in hybrids will have over 124 miles of electric range. We don’t know if that range was based on the WLTP or EPA cycle, but either way that’s a big improvement over the 44 mile range that the 2023 Prius Prime has. Nakajima also added, “We will reposition PHEVs as “the practical BEV” and will work harder on developing this as another BEV option.”

The Toyota bZ4X and Lexus RZ 450e suffer from a limited range compared to their rivals, but Toyota also plans to double the driving range of its EVs from 2026 onward. Lastly Toyota still sees the importance of hybrid models, “For hybrid EVs, we will continue to improve our products with a focus on high quality and affordable prices.”