The 2009 Nissan Maxima Will Return to its Roots

The current Nissan Maxima has been overshadowed by the smaller Altima. According to some Nissan insiders the current Maxima has lost its way. Years ago it was seen as the sporty alternative to the Camry and Accord sedans. It was also even referred to as a Four-Door-Sports-Car (4DSC).

In 2009 Nissan plans on returning the Maxima to its roots and making the sedan a four-door-sports car once again. The new sedan which hasn’t been revealed is expected to be like nothing else the company has ever done. The new Maxima will use the same VQ engine that is used in other Nissan/Infiniti models, but will most likely remain front-wheel drive. A RWD Maxima could hurt G35/G37 sales. A diesel engine is also expected to make it in the lineup in 2010.

The design of the new car is rumored to mimic the Mercedes CLS four-door-coupe.

Expect to see a concept version of the car next winter, during the auto show season.

Is it too late for the Maxima?

Full Story: Automobile Magazine