It’s been almost five years since Tesla unveiled its new Roadster, which was slated to arrive in 2020. After several production delays, it looks like Tesla is getting closer to the launch of the Roadster. Tesla has started taking reservations for the Roadster again.

To reserve the Tesla Roadster you need to provide a $5,000 deposit immediately and then an additional $45,000 is due by wire transfer within 10 days. Tesla says the deposit is refundable, but it doesn’t specify if only the $5,000 is or the full $50,000 deposit.

Tesla Roadster

Tesla still hasn’t confirmed when the Tesla Roadster will enter production, so even if you put down the $50k deposit, there’s no word when you’ll actually get the EV. Last fall, Elon Musk stated that it would be delayed until at least 2023.