Should Nissan Make an Altima Convertible?

According to Autoweek, Nissan is thinking about making a convertible version of its new Altima Coupe that was just released. Nissan wants to expand the Altima line and a convertible seems like the next logical step.

If Nissan does produce the Altima Coupe it would compete with the Chrysler Sebring, Pontiac G6 and the Toyota Solara.

It is interesting that Toyota has pretty much decided to pull out of the mid-size coupe segment, while Nissan and Honda continue to offer them. Nissan feels that the main reason for the decline of the coupes is due to aging products and not a decline in customer interest.

An Altima convertible may do well as long as it has the retractable hardtop like the Sebring and G6 models.

Full Story: Autoweek

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