Who Cares About the Prius When the New MINI D Gets 72.4 mpg!

This fall BMW is going to launch many changes to the current MINI lineup that will result in increased fuel-efficiency across all models. The changes will result in increased engine performance and fuel efficiency all without the use of hybrid technology or alternative fuels.

The new MINIs will start to be produced in August 2007 and will feature many technological features such as: Brake Energy Regeneration, Auto Start-Stop Function, and Switch Point Display. The new features will be standard and will improve the fuel-efficiency and emissions performance, while not affecting the overall performance of the car.

The new features will come at no extra cost to buyers.

The MINI Cooper D, which currently achieves 64.2 mpg will be bumped up to 72.4 mpg with the new technology.

Let’s hope this new technology will be on the models designated for the US!

Full Story: egmcartech

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