Redesigned 2009 Acura RL to be Unveiled at the Chicago Auto Show?

Acura’s flagship sedan, the RL has failed to meet expectations. There are rumors circulating that Acura is going to unveil a heavily revised version of the sedan at the Chicago Auto Show next month.

Now according to Temple of VTEC, Acura is going to unveil the revised 2009 RL at the show next week. It is rumored that the flagship sedan will get more power thanks to a more powerful 3.7L V6, which should push it over the 300 horsepower mark. In addition the RL will recieve heavily revised exterior styling and improved technological features.

In addition to the rumors about the RL, there is more info on the next TSX. The 2009 TSX is rumored to be in showrooms on April 24th of this year (the 2009 RL will be about the same time). It is still not known if the TSX will feature Acura’s SH-AWD system and if it will get a V6 engine. There are rumors that there will be two versions a FWD 4-cyl and a V6 with the SH-AWD system. There have also been rumors that the TSX could get the same turbocharged 4-cylinder from the RDX.

Guess we will have to wait until next month.
Here’s the info from Temple of VTEC:

This MOVE allocation will include March production with March arrival of the 2008 TL, 2008 RDX and 2008 MDX and March production with April arrival of 2009 TSX and 2009 RL models.

2009 TSX

Designed and engineered to reaffirm its place as a desirable and affordable entry point for the Acura sedan range, the all-new redesigned second-generation 2009 TSX will be offered in two different packages

Standard Package:· The standard model will be similar to RDX’s and 08MY TSX’s standard features with new luxury amenities and audio capabilities that all contribute to the new TSX’s added appeal.

Technology Package:
The technology package is similar to the RDX’s technology packaging and will continue to “Advance” the image of Acura. The Technology Package includes:
· Acura Navigation System with Voice Recognition with new functionality
· AcuraLink Satellite Communication System
· Acura/ELS Surround Premium 10 Speaker Sound System

2009 RL

The substantial redesign of the 2009 Acura RL combines added performance, improved technology, more aggressive exterior styling and even greater safety to a top-tier luxury performance sedan.

Three packages will continue to be offered:

Standard Package:· Improvements include better functionality for the HVAC, HandsFreeLink and audio system

Technology Package:· The Technology model will be similar to the 08MY RL with new luxury amenities. The Technology Package will continue to “Advance” the image of Acura by adding more functionality to the Acura Navigation System.

CMBS Package:

MBS will be available as a stand-alone option.

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