Is the All-New 2009 Honda Pilot Too Boring?

Honda officially unveiled the 2009 Honda Pilot Prototype at the Detroit Auto Show earlier this month. Once the SUV was pulled out onto the stage its looks left many of us wanting more.

Apparently the automotive journalists at the show are not the only people that feel that the “evolutionary” new Pilot leaves something to be desired. According to a survey by CNW Research the new design is not doing well. CNW surveyed drivers from LA, Chicago and Detroit. The 2009 Pilot received 7.5 out of 12 points from the people that were surveyed, which is off at least a point and a half of what most cars usually get.

Although Honda has labeled this vehicle as a prototype you can expect it to look pretty much the same when it is officially released later this year.

Most of the respondents simply said the new design is boring. What do you think?

Full Story: Inside Line

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