Ram has already confirmed that it will reveal a concept version of its upcoming electric Ram pickup truck next month at CES in Las Vegas, but we haven’t officially heard what it will be called.

Ram 1500 EV Teaser

CarBuzz has discovered that FCA US LLC recently filed a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the “Ram 1500 REV”. If this is the name that Ram has chosen for the electric Ram, it aligns with Ram Revolution concept that we’re going to see at CES.

What’s not known is if the REV name will be used for both the fully electric and range-extender versions. The later could work, since REV easily abbreviates” range extender vehicle.

In addition to the Ram 1500 REV trademark, the automaker also trademarked the term “Freedom is Electric”. This slogan has already been used by Jeep for its plug-in hybrid 4xe models, so it’s not known if it will be used for the Ram truck as well.