Project Kahn is Working on a Cosworth-Powered Range Rover Evogue

The 2012 Range Rover Evoque isn’t scheduled to go on sale until the end of next year, but tuners like Azfal Kahn and his team are already hard at work.

Besides this single image all that we know is that the Kahn Range Rover Evoque will be powered by Cosworth.

2012 Range Rover Evoque:
2012_range_rover_evoque_fivedoor_2.jpg 2012_range_rover_evoque_fivedoor+3.jpg 2012_range_rover_evoque_fivedoor_4.jpg 2012_range_rover_evoque_fivedoor_5.jpg 2012_range_rover_evoque_fivedoor_6.jpg 2012_range_rover_evoque_fivedoor_7.jpg 2012_range_rover_evoque_fivedoor_8.jpg 2012_range_rover_evoque_fivedoor_9.jpg 2012_range_rover_evoque_fivedoor_10.jpg

Full Story: Project Kahn

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