Subcompact Cars Like the Ford Fiesta Not Really Taking Off

Back in 2008 gas prices were insane and automakers were scrambling trying to release more fuel efficient models. Two years later, we have the much anticipated subcompact Ford Fiesta and the popular Honda Fit and Nissan Versa models, but sales aren’t quite as strong as most expected.

The Ford Fiesta has been on sale for a few months, but sales have not been quite as high as most expected. Last month the Ford Fiesta was only the fourth best seller (3,473) in the segment behind the Nissan Versa (6,724), Honda Fit (4,180) and Hyundai Accent (4,052). Chevy’s aged and soon to be replaced Aveo was only a few hundred units behind the Fit.

Although buyers have been drawn to smaller vehicles in the past two years, the compact segment is doing much better than the subcompact. Chevy sold 8,066 units of the new Cruze last month and VW’s sales of the new Jetta increased 49 percent.

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