Last year Porsche unveiled the Vision Renndienst electric van concept, but now it’s released the first photos of its interior. The big news here is that the concept can carry up to six people, but in a unique way.

Porsche Vision Renndienst concept

Instead of sitting on the left or right side of the vehicle, the driver has a central seating position. The driver’s seat can also swivel 180 degrees to face the passengers, obviously not while the concept is in motion. Since the second row seats are positioned at the left and right sides, the passengers in these two seats will have a good view out of the windshield.

The concept features an asymmetrical window design with the passenger on the left only being able to see out of a tiny window, with the passenger on the right getting a full view to the outside.

The third row features a bench seat with floating headrests that are designed to still let the driver see out of the rear window when no one is in the back seat.

“We thought about how we could still give a distinctly Porsche flair to a passenger compartment that is so far removed from the classic sports-car interior. And how autonomous driving could be designed,” stated chief designer Michael Mauer.

Porsche has no plans to build the Vision Renndienst concept.