We’re all counting down the days until the production version of the Porsche Mission E arrives, but there’s one other electric Porsche that is dead in the water – the 911 plug-in hybrid. Porsche was working on a plug-in hybrid version of the next 911, but has recently decided to cancel those plans.

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August Achleitner, head of 718 and 911 development revealed to Car and Driver that the 911 plug-in hybrid plans have been shelved since it came with too many compromises. For example the hybrid powertrain and its large battery would have added a lot of weight to the 911, which would ruin its driving capability. Another issue is the added cost of the plug-in hybrid, which would cut into Porsche’s profit margins.

“In the end, the disadvantages outweighed the advantages,” Achleitner stated.

Rather than create a plug-in hybrid 911, Porsche is going to focus on making the rest of the 911 lineup more fuel efficient.

Source: Car and Driver