Although VW and Mercedes-Benz are having issues with their diesel powered vehicles, Mazda is hoping to tap into the non underserved segment. When Mazda unveiled the all-new CX-5 late last year, it announced that the crossover would be offered with a 2.2L SkyActiv-D diesel engine. Although it’s not on sale yet, we’re now hearing about Mazda’s hopes for the diesel-powered CX-5.

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Speaking to Autonews, Mazda North America President and CEO Masahiro Moro stated that Mazda is hoping that at least ten percent of all CX-5 sales will come from the diesel version. The goal might be a bit high considering how “dirty” the word “diesel” is right now in the industry. According to Moro the, “CX-5 will be a very good indicator for us to understand where we have the opportunity and what kind of people come to buy those new technologies.”

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If the diesel-powered CX-5 doesn’t take off, don’t expect to see any other diesel-powered Mazdas. Mazda originally planned on introducing a diesel version of the Mazda6 sedan, but those plans were scrapped due to the difficulties with getting the engine to meet stringent emissions standards.

When will the diesel-powered CX-5 arrive? We’re not sure, since Mazda still has to get it certified with the EPA.

Source: Autonews