Porsche Cajun to Initially Launch as a Three-Door, Will be Based on Audi Q5

This week Porsche officially confirmed that it is working on a new baby SUV that will be called the Cajun. Now Autobild is reporting that the Cajun will initially launch with a three-door bodystyle, which will distance it from the Audi Q5, in which it will be based on.

Porsche originally planned on launching the Cajun as a five-door like the larger Cayenne, but it fears that a five-door Cajun may also take sales away from the larger Porsche SUV. Although a three-door will be the initial bodystyle, a five-door Cajun hasn’t been ruled out.

The Cajun will share some of its parts with the Audi Q5, but will feature a more coupe-like bodystyle that only seats four-passengers to differentiate it.

Full Story: Autobild

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