More Powerful Honda CR-Z Confirmed and Will Still be a Hybrid

There have been so many rumors lately that Honda is working on a more powerful version of the CR-Z. While most rumors have claimed that a more powerful CR-Z would do away with the hybrid system for a conventional gas engine, Honda’s R&D chief has confirmed that it will still be a hybrid.

Honda’s R&D chief Tomohiko Kawanabe has confirmed that a high-performance CR-Z is in the works and that it will be a hybrid. Kawanabe recently spoke to Autocar and confirmed that the high-performance version of the CR-Z will keep its IMA hybrid system.

“The decision on the engine hasn’t been made,” he said. “Turbocharging is an option, but a high-compression petrol engine would work better in tandem with a hybrid assist system.”

The most likely outcome will be that the high-performance version of the CR-Z will adopt the next-generation IMA hybrid system that is debuting in the 2012 Civic. The new IMA system is more powerful thanks to the use of lithium ion batteries.

Although Honda is trying to get more power under the hood of the CR-Z, the high-performance version must still be as efficient as the current version. Kawanabe stated, “It will not be acceptable for the new car to be less fuel efficient than the current one. The CR-Z must deliver low CO2 emissions, as well as be fun to drive.”

Full Story: Autocar

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