The first production version of the Tesla Model 3 has rolled off Tesla’s production line in Fremont, California. Tesla has yet to fully unveil the production version of the Model 3, but Elon Musk has revealed two photos of the first Model 3 on Twitter.

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Now that the Model 3 is officially in production, Tesla will deliver at least 30 Model 3 sedans later this month. Production will slowly ramp up over the next few months, with Tesla hoping to produce at least 20,000 Model 3 sedans a month by December. Even with 20k Model 3 sedans produced a month, it will be a while until Tesla can deliver the approximately 400,000 Model 3 reservations that it already has. Tesla’s website says that if you place a reservation now, your Model 3 won’t arrive until mid-2018 or later.

For the first deliveries, Tesla is going to limit the number of options that buyers can choose. The first models will only be rear-wheel drive versions of the Model 3 and buyers will basically be able to only choose color and wheel options. Dual motor versions will arrive in 2018.

“It’s kinda gonna be like what color do you want, and what size do you want? That’s basically going to be the configurator,” Musk stated during Tesla’s recent annual shareholder’s meeting.

Tesla will deliver the first Model 3 sedans at an event on July 28.

Source: Twitter