To promote the safety of the 2018 Volvo XC60, Volvo recently teamed up with Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Barbara Davidson to use the XC60’s on-board safety cameras to create a special collection of photographs. This is the first time ever that a car is used as a camera by a photographer.

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Davidson managed to capture around 30 photos using the XC60’s cameras that capture life on the streets of Copenhagen.

“The collection does two things. Firstly it is a snapshot of European city life in all its glory; secondly it also highlights the complex environments that we live in. It is thanks to the cameras and other on-board sensors that cars like the Volvo XC60 make modern city life safer for pedestrians and other road users,” said Davidson. “With this project we connect art and safety for people to see the benefits of this technology.”

Davidson’s photos have already been shown off at Canvas Studios gallery in London’s Shoreditch and the exhibition will travel to other countries over the next few months.

According to Davidson she chose to work with Volvo, since she has a special connection to the brand. “When I was a teenager I was involved in a serious road accident where the car flipped over which, in normal circumstances, would probably have proven fatal. I was told later that I had survived because of the car I had been traveling in – a Volvo.”

Source: Volvo