Overwhelming Demand for the Lexus HS 250h May Affect US Launch

Toyota recently launched the new Prius, which has been such a success that the automaker has run into a shortage of batteries. Now it looks like Toyota’s next new hybrid the Lexus HS 250h is also running into issues due to high demand. The Lexus HS 250h is in very high demand in Japan, which may affect the supply in the US when it is launched according to Automotive News.

Toyota had originally set a goal of selling 500 units a month of the HS 250h in Japan, but due to government-backed tax breaks and sales incentives 10,000 units were ordered in the first month. Customers in Japan are now seeing a 6 month wait for the HS 250h.

The Lexus HS 250h is scheduled to hit US dealerships next month (hopefully) with a starting price of $35,075.

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