Nissan continues to hint at the possibility of a sportier Nissan Leaf. Most recently Nissan unveiled a Leaf Nismo concept at the Tokyo Motor Show and now Nissan has announced that it’s bringing a Leaf Grand Touring concept to the Tokyo Auto Salon.

Nissan released this single teaser photo of the Leaf GT concept, which is based on the all-new Leaf, but gets a sportier body kit, more aggressive wheels and a unique two-tone paint scheme. We’ll have to wait until the show next month to see if there are any performance upgrades under the skin.

With the arrival of two Leaf performance concepts, Nissan could release a sportier Leaf soon. Alfonso Albaisa, Nissan’s design chief also recently revealed that Nissan is considering it.

Before a new performance version arrives, Nissan is expected to release a different version of the Leaf later next year with a longer driving range. The 2019 Nissan Leaf will offer a second battery option that will give it a driving range around 225 miles compared to only 150 miles with the 2018 Leaf.

Source: Nissan