Volkswagen has announced that it will soon double the production of the electric VW e-Golf, due to increased demand. In a press release, VW announced that the production capacity of the e-Golf will increase starting in March 2018.

2017 vw e-golf

“To meet higher demand for the e-Golf, production capacity at the Transparent Factory is to be increased. From March 2018, production is to increase step-by-step from 35 to 70 vehicles per day. The plant will switch from single-shift operation to 2-shift operation in the course of this change.”

According to VW, the increased demand for the e-Golf is being driven by more demand for electric vehicles in Europe. The move to increase e-Golf production also comes just ahead of the launch of VW’s next-generation electric vehicles. The most recent report also claims that VW could use its plant in Tennessee to produce the EVs.

Source: Volkswagen