Nissan Juke with GT-R Twin-Turbo in the Works

First there were reports that Nissan is working on an even more powerful 2013 GT-R and now comes word that Nissan is preparing an uber fast Juke (Super Juke) that will be powered by the GT-R’s engine.

It’s been confirmed that Nissan Europe is currently working on a super fast version of the Juke, known internally as the Super Juke. Given the fact that the Juke is expected to put out between 480-520 horsepower, suggests that the small crossover will get a detuned version of the GT-Rs twin-turbocharged V6.

The first official sketch of the one-off Super Juke has leaked onto the internet. It shows the Juke with a full kit and GT-R style wheels.

Expect to hear more news about the Super Juke next week.