Next Porsche 911 GT3 Will Probably Not Get a Manual Transmission

Manual transmissions are a dying breed, with automakers consistently dropping them from their new models. Porsche has continued to still offer a manual transmission in the 911, with the new 911 even getting a seven-speed manual transmission. But now Inside Line is reporting that Porsche may not offer a manual in the next 911 GT3.

911 project chief, August Achleitner recently hinted that the next 911 GT3 will ditch a manual transmission and will only be offered with a PDK transmission. Both the PDK and manual transmission are currently being tested for the 2013 GT3, but the PDK is reportedly the favorite choice.

Achleitner also told Inside Line, When we launched the 911 Turbo S, we did not offer a manual, but we have not had a single complaint.” He also revealed that only 30 percent of 911s are sold with a manual transmission.

Inside Line