Next-Generation Volvo XC90 has Been Cancelled…RIP XC90

According to a new report by Auto Motor & Sport the next-generation Volvo XC90 has been cancelled.

According to the report Volvo has decided to kill its flagship SUV due to a lack of environmentally-friendly powertrain options. Volvo has no hybrid powertain in the works or even a start/stop engine function, so rather than spend the large amounts of money to develop the systems Volvo has decided to ditch the model all together. Slowing sales of other vehicles in the segment also can be blamed for the decision.

The 2009 XC90 will receive a facelift and the model will continue on until around 2012. The smaller XC60, XC50 and maybe even XC30 crossovers are still in the works despite the death sentence for the XC90.

Full Story: Auto Motor & Sport via World Car Fans

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