Nissan, like almost every other automaker, is planning to add more electrified models to its lineup over the next few years. Nissan even expects that by 2022, electric models will almost account for half its sales. While Nissan already offers the Leaf and is working on a new electric SUV, it’s likely that its sports cars will also get electrified.

2019 Nissan 370Z

“I don’t see electrification and sports cars as technologies that are conflicting,” Jean-Pierre Diernaz one of Nissan’s marketing bosses, recently told Top Gear. “Maybe it’s the other way around, sports cars can benefit lots from electrification. At the end of the day, a motor and battery are much easier to move from one platform to another, from one sub-segment to another, than a full internal combustion set-up.”

It’s expected that next Nissan GT-R will get a hybrid powertrain and the same might happen to the next Nissan Z. Both sports cars are getting a bit old, but it doesn’t look like Nissan will have a replacement for either one anytime soon.

“It’s work in progress! Not everything is confirmed in terms of dates. Sports cars are part of who we are, so one way or another they have to be there.”

Source: Top Gear