Chrysler has yet to make any announcements, but it is being reported that the next-generation Dodge Challenger and Dodge Charger will share the same platform as the Maserati Ghibli. Both models are expected to make the switch in 2021 to the Maserati platform.

next-gen Dodge Challenger

By moving the next Dodge Challenger and Charger to the Ghibli platform, both models will see a significant weight drop, which will also make them more fuel efficient. We’re still a few years away from the new Challenger and Charger, so Dodge is planning a refresh to both models that will debut in 2019.

There’s no word yet on the next Chrysler 300, which shares the same platform with the Challenger and Charger. Yesterday it was reported that Chrysler is working on a Chrysler 300 Hellcat, which will debut in 2018.

Source: Automotive News