Just a few days ago it was revealed that Toyota filed paperwork with United States Patent and Trademark Office to trademark the Celica name and now we have reports that Nissan has filed a similar application for the IMX name. The filing was made on September 8, but it doesn’t give any big clues to what it could be used for.

Nissan IDx Concept
Nissan IDx Concept

The IMX name is similar to “IDx” which was used for Nissan’s rear-wheel drive coupes four years ago, which has lead to some speculation that the concept could be a new sports car concept, possibly powered by an electric motor. But that’s just speculation. Nissan is also reportedly going to reveal a new electric SUV at next month’s 2017 Tokyo Motor Show, so the IMX name could be used for that.

We’ll have to wait and see, but given the fact that Nissan has already confirmed plans for a new electric SUV, the chances are high that the IMX name will be used for the concept version.

Source: AutoGuide