General Motors and Honda continue to deepen their relationship. A few months ago the two automakers announced that Honda would use GM’s new global EV platform for two new electric vehicles and now the partnership is being expanded to include other vehicle segments.

Under the new agreement, Honda and GM will collaborate on several of segments in North America, which will see the introduction of new vehicles that will share common platforms and engines. Co-development planning discussions will begin immediately, with engineering work beginning in early 2021.

“This alliance will help both companies accelerate investment in future mobility innovation by freeing up additional resources. Given our strong track record of collaboration, the companies would realize significant synergies in the development of today’s vehicle portfolio,” said Mark Reuss, president of General Motors.

“Through this new alliance with GM, we can achieve substantial cost efficiencies in North America that will enable us to invest in future mobility technology, while maintaining our own distinct and competitive product offerings,” said Seiji Kuraishi, executive vice president of Honda Motor Co., Ltd.

Honda has managed to exist on its own without needing to fully partner with another automaker, but those times are changing. Several other automakers have teamed up recently, like Ford and Volkswagen or Nissan and Renault. Even Toyota owns a stake in Mazda and Subaru.