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Chrysler Vows to Add a Hybrid or Alternative Fuel Option to Every Vehicle

Every automaker is going “green” these days. The growing popularity of hybrids and the emergence of clean diesels in the next few years is going to make going “green” even more viable.

Well Chrysler has decided to join the countless other automakers who have decided to increase the number of “green” vehicles that they currently offer. The automaker has set a goal of offering either an alternative fuel powertrain or a hybrid powertrain on ech of its vehicles. Chrysler’s new vice chairman Jim Press told The Detroit News that powertrain options would include plug-in hybrid, diesel hybrid, fuel-cell hybrid, or gas-hybrid models.

No timeline has been set for the release of these vehicles, but the automaker’s first hybrid models should appear sometime in 2008 with the Dodge Durango and Chrysler Aspen hybrid SUVs.

Full Story: Detroit News

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