The UK Hates SUVs but That Isn't Stopping Hummer…New Hummer H3 for the UK

The UK and probably most of Western Europe has a strong dislike for large SUVs. But for some reason GM still feels that there is a market there for its smallest Hummer.

The distinctive Hummer H3 has had its steering wheel moved to the other side so it can make the trek over to the other side of the world. Will its distinctive looks draw buyers or will its looks make it even more of a target for the anti-SUV movement?

The Hummer H3 will go for £26,495 (US$53,771) and weighs in at 4,700lb (2136kg). It also only manages to get 20mpg (11.76L/100km) from its 244hp 3.7L motor. Can’t wait to see what happens when it goes on sale.

h3_gall02.jpg h3_gall03.jpg

Full Story: Motor Authority

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