Mazda Taiki Concept Unveiled…Could This Provide Hints of a New RX-7?

Mazda has unveiled its newest concept, the Taiki ahead of its official unveiling at this month’s Tokyo Motor Show.

The concept is an evolution of the previous Mazda concept cars, Nagare, Ryuga and Hakaze. The Taiki also features a next-generation rotary engine and enhanced aerodynamic performance (note the rear wheels). More importantly the overall design of the Taiki could provide a possible design direction for future Mazda sports cars.

The new RENESIS rotary engine is dubbed the 16X, most likely for its increased displacement to 1.6L from the 1.3L unit in the current RX-8. It is a twin-rotor unit (800cc x 2) that sends the power to the rear wheels. The new engine is supposed to have a wider torque band and greater fuel efficiency.

mazda_taiki_concept_torque_001.jpg mazda_taiki_concept_torque_003.jpg

Full Story: Motor Authority

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