Toyota has yet to reveal the new Toyota Supra, but we do have a bit of bad news to report. When the Toyota Supra does return, it will not be offered with a manual transmission, according to Toyota’s chief engineer.

GR Supra Racing Concept

Japan’s Infoseek recently sat down with Tetsuya Tada, Toyota’s chief engineer where he revealed that the new Supra will only be offered with a dual-clutch transmission. The reason? Tada believes that because of the high levels of torque that the new Supra’s engine will generate, manually shifting the gears will “feel worse.”

Toyota GT Supra Racing Concept

Toyota hasn’t revealed what will power the new Supra, but there’s a rumor that it will be powered by a BMW-sourced turbocharged inline-six cylinder engine that may generate around 450 horsepower. A hybrid version is up in the air.

Last month Toyota gave us a preview of the new Supra with the GR Supra Racing concept. We’ll likely get to see the new Toyota Supra debut later this year.

Source: Infoseek