Last year we reported that Mercedes-Benz had removed the small SLC convertible from its future product plans. While Mercedes-Benz has yet to confirm that the SLC is dead, Mercedes-AMG boss Tobias Moers has revealed that the automaker still hasn’t made any decisions about the SLC.

Mercedes-AMG SLC 43

Digital Trends got a chance to ask Moers about the future of the SLC and he simply stated, “I don’t know, it’s under discussion. Under construction, so to speak.” His reply doesn’t really confirm anything about the SLC’s future, but it does seem to hint that something is in the works. A report last month claims that Mercedes-AMG is working on a new small sports car that could replace the SLC.

The end of the road may soon be here for the SLC, but Moers confirmed that the larger SL convertible isn’t going anywhere. He also confirmed that the next-generation SL will go back to its sporty roots and be less of a cruiser, like the current model. Although a report claims that the Mercedes-AMG team is in charge of the new SL, he denied that rumor, “I heard about that rumor. That rumor is wrong.”

Source: Digital Trends