McLaren is currently working on a successor to the McLaren F1, which will be called the Speedtail. The McLaren Speedtail is going to debut later this year, but McLaren CEO Mike Flewitt recently hinted at how much power the Hyper-GT will have on tap.

McLaren BP23

Speaking to Top Gear, Flewitt didn’t reveal the exact horsepower rating for the McLaren Speedtail, but he did state, “it’s more than 987 horsepower.” The Speedtail will also be powered by the same twin turbocharged 4.0L V8 as the 720S, but thanks to a hybrid setup, the powertrain will have over 987 horsepower.

McLaren BP23

With that much power, the McLaren Speedtail will be the McLaren’s fastest car ever with a top speed over 243 mph, which was the top speed of the McLaren F1. Even if it is the fastest McLaren, it won’t be the quickest around the track, since that title currently goes to the McLaren Senna.

Deliveries of the McLaren Speedtail are expected to begin in 2019 and only 106 models will be built with each one carrying a $2.1 million price tag.

Source: Top Gear