Lincoln says that its new head-up display is the biggest and brightest in its class, which not only allows it to display lots of pertinent information, but drivers will also be able to see it better in bright sunlight and dark nights. The system even works with polarized sunglasses.

Lincoln head-up display

The new head-up display is being introduced on the 2018 Lincoln Navigator and Continental models. Lincoln’s head-up display uses a tiny chip that contains 400,000 sturdy mirrors, each with a pixel refresh rate of up to 5,000 hertz. In full color, this cutting-edge display appears to actually float just above the vehicle’s hood head-up display.

“There’s a lot of physics involved in this system,” said Anthony King, development lead on Lincoln’s all-new head-up display. “But for our clients, it just comes down to the most client-focused usability.”

The head-up display will also change what information it displays. The system always displays the current speed, speed limit, time and driving range, but it can also change to let you know someone is calling or if a navigation prompt is required.

“A typical head-up display duplicates information displayed on the cluster,” said King. “But this display makes for a unique and easy-to-use experience for our clients. This eminently visible head-up display and the instrument cluster serve to complement each other to ensure Lincoln clients look forward to every time behind the wheel.”

Source: Lincoln