Lexus has dropped a new teaser of what it is saying is its fourth flagship model. The new model is slated to debut soon and will join the other Lexus flagship models, which includes the LS sedan, LC coupe, and LX SUV.

Sadly the teaser doesn’t reveal too much, so it’s hard to tell what exactly the new Lexus flagship model is. Given the current lineup of flagship models, there’s one clear hole – a flagship crossover. The Lexus LX is an old school body-on-frame SUV that isn’t exactly a direct rival to other luxury crossovers, like the new Audi Q8 and upcoming BMW X7. So there’s a good chance that a new Lexus crossover might debut.

Stay tuned, since we’re only a few hours away from its debut.

Update: While we hope to see a new flagship crossover soon, Lexus surprised us by introducing a new yacht.

Source: Lexus