Sedans are tough sell and the segment is feeling the heat, with even some automakers, like Ford killing them off altogether. While Lexus is committed to staying in the segment, there could be some cuts in the future, like the Lexus IS and GS.

2019 Lexus GS F and RC F 10th anniversary editions

It’s been rumored for a while that the Lexus GS would disappear once the new Lexus ES arrived, but Lexus has yet to announce the death of the GS in the U.S. Now Lexus has revealed that it is currently evaluating the future of both the IS and GS sedans.

The Lexus GS has already been phased out in Europe and given the fact that it is currently the slowest selling sedan in the Lexus lineup, an announcement that the GS is going to be discontinued, seems eminent. Lexus only sold just over 3,000 GS sedans in the first five months of this year in the US, compared to over 16,000 ES sedans.

The IS on the other hand may be a bit more of a surprise, but given the competition in the compact luxury sedan segment, it might make more sense for Lexus to put its resources elsewhere. By the end of May, Lexus had sold 9,279 IS sedans, which is down from 10,225 in the same period in 2017. To compare, the BMW 3 Series, which is the IS sedan’s biggest rival managed to find over 20k buyers in the same period.

Source: Automotive News