A year ago it was reported that Lexus had stopped work on the next-generation Lexus GS, partially due to the arrival of the new LS and because sales of the GS had dwindled. While Lexus hasn’t made any announcements here in the U.S. about the GS, it appears that Lexus has already given the GS death sentence in Europe.

Lexus GS, 2018 Lexus GS 450h F SPORT

Dutch site AutoRAI.nl is reporting that Lexus will end European production of the Lexus GS this month. It’s expected that the next-generation Lexus ES will attempt to fill part of the spot that the GS held in the lineup, but since the ES is a front-wheel drive sedan, fans looking for a rear-wheel drive Lexus will have to select either the IS or LS models.

Since Lexus hasn’t revealed any details about the fate of the GS here in the United States, we’ll likely have to wait until the end of this year, when the next ES debuts, to hear how Lexus plans to mix up its sedan lineup.

Source: AutoRAI.nl