Lexus GS-F to Get Detuned LFA V10 Engine in 2013

Lexus is planning on taking on the BMW M5 with the GS-F, which will be powered by the LFA’s V10 engine. The GS-F is expected to arrive in 2013 with a detuned version of the LFA’s 4.8L V10. Engineers are currently working on bringing the engine size down to 4.6 liters with a final output around 450-hp.

In addition to the V10 engine, the GS-F will also be fitted with Toyota’s first torque vectoring differential, which is similar to the system used on BMW’s M cars. The system actively apportions drive between the rear wheels to improve handling.

A new SC is also due in mid-2014, which will be a hybrid with a 5.0L V8 mated to an electric motor.

Full Story: Autocar