The 2018 Honda Civic Type R has set its fifth record in Europe. The latest record was set at the Hungaroring GP circuit in Hungary where the Civic Type R set a new 2min 10.19sec record for a front wheel drive production car with Jenson Button behind the wheel.

The latest record in Hungary was the fifth and final of a planned series of lap record attempts that Honda set out to achieve this summer in Europe. Formula One World Champion and current NSX Super GT driver, Jenson Button stated, “We came here to the Hungaroring, where I won my first F1 race in 2006 with Honda, to set a new front-wheel drive production lap record in the new Type R, and I’m very happy that we did it!”

2018 Honda Civic Type R Hungaroring record

“The first thing I noticed when I left the pit lane was how neutral the car was. I come from a background that is not front-wheel drive focused, so it was very different for me but because the Type R is so well balanced it was instantly really enjoyable and more natural,” Button continued. “The thing that surprised me most is how late you can brake with this car. The manual gearbox works really well, too.”

This is the second time that Honda set a record at the Hungaroring circuit, since the last record was set by the previous generation Civic Type R in 2016.

Source: Honda