Jeep Grand Cherokee to Get ZF 8-Speed Auto

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is slated to be the next Chrysler model to get the new ZF eight-speed automatic transmission. The eight-speed transmission has already been confirmed for the V6 versions of the 2012 Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is expected to get the new transmission next year and it’s also been revealed that a nine-speed transmission is also possible in the future.

Jeep CEO Mike Manley recently told Autocar, “Our approach to lowering CO2 is a deployment of lots of different technologies,” he said. “Hybrids, improved aerodynamics, more diesels, eight-speed gearboxes and nine-speed gearboxes for front-wheel-drive cars will all help us improve economy and CO2.”

Jeep also confirmed that the eight-speed transmission can be applied to all the engines in the Grand Cherokee lineup, so it’s a good possibility that the Grand Cherokee SRT8 will also get the new transmission.