Jeep CEO: Wrangler Pickup is At Least 4 Years Away

Have you been dying for Jeep to release a pickup truck? Well if you are and also aren’t satisfied with the Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Pickup conversion, you will have to wait another four years for a true Jeep pickup.

According to Jeep CEO Michael Manley, a Jeep pickup is high on Jeep’s priority list, but it won’t happen until the next-generation Wrangler is released. “”It is too late in Wrangler’s product cycle to add a pickup. The 2015 or 2016 time frame makes more sense.”

Manley is keeping an eye on the demand for the kit that is offered by Chrysler’s Mopar aftermarket division that essentially turns the Wrangler into a pickup. The kit costs $5,499 and includes a steel bed, inner and outer bedsides, sport bar extensions, Freedom panel assemblies, fiberglass hardtop and bulkhead.