BMW Kills the ActiveHybrid X6

Well that was short lived! BMW has reportedly killed the hybrid version of the X6 crossover, the ActiveHybrid X6. The ActiveHybrid X6 was BMW’s first hybrid and the result of a joint partnership with Daimler, Chrysler and GM. The ActiveHybrid X6 is powered by a dual-mode hybrid system mated to a twin-turbo V8. It generated a total 480 horsepower, but only managed to return 19 mpg on the highway…

With a base price at $88,900 the ActiveHybrid X6 isn’t cheap, which definitely didn’t help it’s case. Dave Buchko, a spokesman for BMW recently confirmed that the hybrid crossover has ended production.

The major issues with the X6 hybrid were that the model launched with a system that was already dated when it was released at the end of 2009. The X6 hybrid was way too expensive for most of us and at 19 mpg, the hybrid version of the X6 gets worse gas mileage than the regular V8 powered X6 at 20 mpg. One could make the case that the hybrid X6 was more focused on performance than fuel efficiency, but for basically the same price, buyers could opt for the X6 M with its 555 horsepower V8 and 17 mpg.

There aren’t any plans to create another X6 hybrid or upgrade the hybrid system.

Although BMW has killed the hybrid version of the X6, BMW is set to release its next hybrid model, the 5 Series ActiveHybrid.