JDM Toyota Corolla/ Blade Gets the 276HP V6 from the Lexus IS350…Watch Out VW R32

Toyota has released a high-performance version of its Blade hatchback in Japan today. The car is powered by the same 3.5L V6 that is in the Lexus IS350 and other Toyota models. It features 276hp and 253 lb-ft. of torque.

The Blade is sold in Europe as the Auris and as the Corolla in other markets. These markets are expected to get the high-performance version as well. Let’s hope the US also gets the car!

The new version comes with a six speed manual transmission or an optional six speed auto transmission with paddle-shifters. 17in alloy wheels, upgraded brakes, and a sportier suspension are also part of the package. The car also features a bodykit to differentiate it from the regular model. The car is expected to achieve around 23mpg.

Compare this to the VW Golf R32, which only has 250hp, although the Blade does not have all-wheel-drive.

Toyota needs this car and other cars like it in the US! It is rumored that the Toyota Matrix is going to be replaced by the Blade…so keep your fingers crossed.

bladev62.jpg bladev64.jpg

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