It’s already been reported that Jaguar is working on a new larger crossover, which might be called the J-Pace, but is another more coupe-like crossover coming too? Jaguar recently trademarked the C-Pace name in Europe, which could be used for a coupe version of the F-Pace.

2019 Jaguar F-Pace

While trademarks only provide a small hint at what might be coming in the future, Jaguar’s latest trademark is even more vague. Jaguar trademarked the C-Pace name with the European Intellectual Property Office, but it was filed under multiple classifications including Nice Classification 9, which is typically technology related to autonomous driving. The Jaguar C-Pace name was also filed under Nice Classification 12, which is used for motor vehicles and Nice Classification 37 for maintenance, repair and servicing.

With the growing number of crossover coupes, it wouldn’t be a surprise if Jaguar is getting ready to jump on the bandwagon. There’s also the possibility that the Jaguar C-Pace could be a smaller crossover that would sit below the E-Pace in the lineup. Stay tuned.

Source: EUIPO and Autoguide