There’s been lots of news this week about the Ford Mustang, including a possible name for the upcoming Mustang Hybrid and rumors about the next-generation Mustang. Now a new report claims that Ford is getting ready to introduce a new entry-level performance version.

2019 Ford Mustang EcoBoost

According to Motor1, Ford is about to unveil a new entry-level Mustang for 2020, but with a bit more performance packed under the hood. It’s not known yet what exactly it will be, but we’re expecting it to debut at the New York Auto Show this month.

In February it was reported that Ford is working on another version of the four-cylinder powered Mustang EcoBoost with more power. Currently the engine generates 310 horsepower, but Ford could easily bump that rating up to 350 horsepower, since that’s how much the 2.3L engine generates in the Focus RS. If that’s the case, there’s speculation that Ford could revive the Mustang SVO name that it used in the 1980s.

Stay tuned.