The Hyundai Ioniq Electric debuted almost three years ago, but up until now it’s only been available in California. Now Hyundai has announced that it’s shipping the Ioniq Electric and Plug-in Hybrid models to all the CARB states.

Hyundai Ioniq Electric batteries

Hyundai hasn’t made a formal announcement about expanding the availability of the Ioniq Electric outside of California, so Cars Direct reached out to Hyundai to get the full details.

“Currently we are shipping to all CARB states for EV and PHEV,” stated Derek Joyce, Senior Manager Product and Advanced Powertrain PR. “2018 retail sales were mostly CARB states for both and we plan to continue that trend as we seek more supply to meet demand beyond.”

The CARM states consist of: California, New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont, Washington, Maine, New York, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Maryland, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Mexico.

This is good news for EV fans and next year the Ioniq Electric is going to become even more appealing. Hyundai has confirmed that the 2020 Ioniq Electric will be getting a battery upgrade that will give it a longer driving range. Currently the Ioniq Electric can only travel up to 124 miles on a single charge, but it’s not known how big of an upgrade the 2020 Ioniq Electric is getting.

We do know that the 2020 Ioniq Electric will still have a driving range below the new Kona Electric with its 258 mile range.

Source: Cars Direct