You can already unlock your phone and laptop simply by using your fingerprint and now Hyundai has unveiled similar technology that lets you not only unlock doors, but also start the vehicle by simply using your finger.

Hyundai smart fingerprint technology

Hyundai’s new smart fingerprint technology lets you unlock the vehicle by placing your finger on a sensor located on the door handle. The encrypted fingerprint information will be identified and delivered to the fingerprint controller inside the vehicle. Once inside, you can also start the vehicle by touching the ignition, which is equipped with a fingerprint scanning sensor.

Hyundai smart fingerprint technology

Since a vehicle is often driven by more than one driver, the technology can easily recognize different drivers and automatically adjust the interior to their preferences. This includes the seating position, mirrors and connected car features.

Hyundai plans to release the technology early next year starting with the Santa Fe. Hyundai says that the smart fingerprint technology will be available in select markets, but it hasn’t announced which ones.

Source: Hyundai