The sedan segment continues to lose market share with several automakers ditching the midsize sedan segment entirely. Now it looks like the Hyundai Sonata might not be sticking around much longer, since a report out of Korea claims that it will be discontinued after this generation.

2022 Hyundai Sonata N Line Night Edition

Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo is reporting that Hyundai is not working on a next generation of the Sonata, which means that it will disappear after the current generation’s run. It could be discontinued as early as 2025, but it is likely that the Sonata will at least get a facelift before that happens.

If the report is accurate, the Sonata will be dropped as Hyundai focuses more on EV models, like the upcoming Ioniq 6. Hyundai hasn’t confirmed the report, so for now it’s just a rumor. We also don’t know what this means for the Sonata’s cousin, the Kia K5.