Over the past few weeks it’s been revealed that the revamped 2018 Honda Accord isn’t selling as well as Honda had hoped. The overall decline in sedan sales and non-competitive lease deals are largely to blame for the sales decline, since the new Accord is much better than its predecessor. Now it’s being reported that Honda is idling Accord production for up to 11 days to reduce the growing inventory.

2018 Honda Accord Sport 2.0T Review

To reduce the Accord’s inventory levels Honda is going to stop production of the new Accord for at least 11 days over the next four months. Employees at Honda’s Marysville, Ohio plant where the Accord is produced will perform non-production jobs or simply take the 11 days off when production is idled. Production is expected to stop for two days each month, from April through June, in addition to a five-day extension of the Marysville plant’s annual summer shutdown in July.

As of March 1, Honda had a 104 day supply of the new Accord, which is on the high end for the industry.

“We’re adjusting production at our automotive facilities regularly, up and down,” a spokesman told Automotive News. “This is just really business as usual and we’re adjusting production down to match the market condition at this moment.”

Honda’s dealers are blaming Honda for the Accord’s slow sales, since the lease deals for the new Accord aren’t great.

Source: Automotive News